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Focal professional

Studio monitor loudspeakers

Dragan Tanaskovic

(E.S.T, In Flames, Anders Persson trio, ...)

Les SM11 sont les seuls moniteurs qui ne colorent pas du tout le son. Je peux entendre chaque 1/2 dB d’égalisation sur l’ensemble de la bande passante. Les SM11 sont tout simplement le meilleur investissement que j’ai fait.

Studio Bohus Sound

Ian Boxill

(Prince, 2 Pac, Quincy Jones, …)

Focal Professional speakers have the rare quality of being very musical sounding, while maintaining clarity and detail. Not a very easy feat to pull off. While listening to my favorite recordings on a pair of Solo6 Be’s I heard instruments and parts that I had not heard before. Wow. Well done, Focal, well done. The music sounds very real, in the room. It doesn’t seem like you’re listening out of speakers, the music fills the room. You can imagine a band in front of you. It doesn’t seem like there are speakers between you and what you’re listening to. Very few speakers do that

David Kutch

(Puff Daddy, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, …)

Forget all about my gear and toys, the most critical element in my studio is my loudspeaker... To me, there’s no better nearfield loudspeaker than the Solo6 Be, whatever the prices of other monitors.

Mastering Palace

Steve Ouimette

(“Guitar Hero ®”)

I needed self-powered monitors and wanted a set that didn’t require a subwoofer, a monitor that had a natural top to bottom, but no hyped frequencies. I definitely get enough low end with the FOCALS – the balance with the FOCAL Professional monitors is perfect! With the FOCAL Professional monitors you can hear everything.

Jeff Juliano

(James Blunt, John Butler…)

The Twin6 Be monitors are the best that I’ve used in terms of studio-to-consumer listening translation. They really translate: what I hear in the studio is what the outside world hears, in my experience. The Twin6 Be is the first powered monitor that I’ve heard that you don’t have to be afraid of hearing in the mid-range. You get the mids really kicking and it’s fine. Listening back to mixes I’ve done on the NS10s through the Focal Professional, it kind of scares me because I hear top-end distortion that I wasn’t hearing in the NS10s, I was so used to using them, I thought I knew them. With the Focal Professional there wasn’t a learning curve, it actually spooked me at first.

Benoît Corboz

Lausanne, studio du Flon

Benoît Corboz, sound engineer at the Studio du Flon in Lausanne, Switzerland, is speaking about the professional monitoring system SM11...

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